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Deconstructing 80's & 90's action movies. Relating them to comics, TV, and cartoons from then and now.

231. Crank 2 redux

231. Crank 2 (right click OR click)

Not to confuse this isn’t a new version of this fantastic film it’s yet another podcast about it from us.  Why? Because it’s Crank 2 any further justification would embarrass the both of us.



Fat Boy Slim – Love Island

230. The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim

230. Expendable Pilgrim (right click OR click)

Zack, Seth, and Ian go for both.  It’s a great chat about 80’s action movies and the pathology of modern subculture. 



Iwasaki Tarou – Omaera Zenin Moete Shimaetsu

226. Predators

226. Predators (right click OR click)

Zack, Seth, and Ian talk about the newest Predator movie. Ian talks about an idea for a Rom-Com that might be relevant to Pre-Daters.  Zack talks about the Micheal Crichton post-humously published book: Pirate Latitudes.   Maybe a pirate movie with Predators?  I don’t know something different would be nice.  But you know good.



nine inch nails – You Know Who You Are

Next Week: Inception

Special: Batman revisited

Batman revisited (right click OR click)

Since word just dropped on a release date for Batman 3 (fingers crossed it’s 3D (not really what do I look like …?  okay sound like… okay well yeah 3D is dumb we all know that Roger Ebert thanks))).  I decided to post a bonus podcast taken from one of the many Zack, Blaine, and Ian discussions that don’t make it into a regular podcast.  Enjoy, this has much more Commando discussion then Batman though.


music:  Shirely Walker – Batman TAS Mask of the Phatasm theme

The Last Boyscout

The Last Boyscout review (right click OR click)

Who knows where life will take us but for now this may be the final Futile Podcast.  Though I’m sure it is quite the whimper to the deafness of the void, I say that this will not be the end.


Boz Scaggs – Lowdown

Sigor Ros – Svefn-G-Englar

Technology part 1: 80’s action movies are lame.

80’s action movies are lame (right click OR click)

This is something somewhat different. In preparation for us going into  Year 3, what will no doubt be our year of change,  I present you with part 1 in a series of discussions with prof. Daniel Estrada who studies the philosophy of technology.   He has a blog where you can check out his current interests here:

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“If it were Clive Owen I’d have a boner.”

Crank:  High Voltage review (right click OR click)

This one is crazy.  Ian also talks about C. Kaufman’s Synecdoche NY.   You can read the written review of these films here:


subsribe:  Futile Podcast




Bjork – Play Dead.

XPloding Plastix – Relieved Beyond Repair


runtime:  0:25:17:09

“Let me axe you a question.”

Punisher Warzone review (right click or click)

Zack and Blaine are in hog heaven talking about all the great stuff in this reboot/sequel/who care what it’s  called, for the Punisher franchise.  The real thing that excites me is that Dominic West from The Wire is playing the main baddy and he’s joined with Irish Pirate Jamacian acrobats. 





V.A.S.T. – The Last One Alive


runtime: 013:31:03

“Dick gets it from handginadentata.”

Leviathan review (right click OR click)

Man oh man we’re having all kinds of fun talking about Prof. Weller, the cat-eyed-lady (Meg “Evilyn” Foster), Daniel “six pack” Stern,  Seaquest DSV, Waterworld’s own The Mariner, and Sealab 2021.  This is a good one for the ages listeners!








Jack Jones – Love Boat Theme


runtime: 0:19:16:23