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279. Dune

279. Dune (right click OR click)

I should link a superior podcast about why this is a bad movie here: Greatest Movie Ever Podcast .  They make a fair number of points but I simply enjoy the movie for what it is and honestly didn’t find it terribly confusing. In this movie podcast game sometimes you can go with the bullshit and sometimes you can’t and for Dune I can.  – end apologia.

Soundtrack by that band everybody knows ... Toto!


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208. Split Second

208. Split Second (right click OR click)

Probably don’t know about this Rutger Hauer sci-fi movie do yah?  Well Mark and Ian watched it so you won’t have to … though you might want to, I mean it has a mutated Rat creature that is a Satanic Serial killer?  I think … maybe.



Gorillaz – Demon Days

“Dick gets it from handginadentata.”

Leviathan review (right click OR click)

Man oh man we’re having all kinds of fun talking about Prof. Weller, the cat-eyed-lady (Meg “Evilyn” Foster), Daniel “six pack” Stern,  Seaquest DSV, Waterworld’s own The Mariner, and Sealab 2021.  This is a good one for the ages listeners!








Jack Jones – Love Boat Theme


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