Jan 062010


Ian goes even deeper overboard into the rabbit hole as he discusses the problems of Love and Hate as they relate to movies … for the most part.


Depeche Mode – Suffer Well (instrumental)

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Dec 292009


I ramble about what makes something “good” and what makes it crap.  AND what makes some crap good.  It’s yet another meandering poderance that serves to set the stage for future discussion hopefully.

Reminds me U2 is mostly crappy music but I don't really hate it.


Astrobotnia – Lightworks

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May 162009

Crank:  High Voltage review (right click OR click)

This one is crazy.  Ian also talks about C. Kaufman’s Synecdoche NY.   You can read the written review of these films here:    http://theforgottenreviews.wordpress.com/


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Bjork – Play Dead.

XPloding Plastix – Relieved Beyond Repair


runtime:  0:25:17:09

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Feb 112009

Oscar films reviewed (right click OR click)





Zack decides to start a rivalry with podcast Grammar Girl.  I explain my angle.  We read my friend Alex’s top ten movies of 2008 list and then review and discuss:

Frost/Nixon, The Wrestler, Slumdog Millionarie; among other things.

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Millionaire – Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack

Underworld – Oh

Latikas Theme – Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack

Aajkai Ratt – Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack

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