May 232015

353. Furious 7 (right click or click)

What did you think Zack and I forgot about this? Did you? How dare you, I’m … I’m just ashamed. perhaps you should go to your room and listen to this podcast, and think about your betrayal.

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Apr 162011

263. Last Exile (right click OR click)

Ian talks with Malcolm, and Mychal about the  steampunk anime series “Last Exile”. It is really too bad that more straight-up adventure stories of this genre aren’t out there in animated or live action form but this one is definitely a winner.


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Oct 032010

238. Speedracer (right click OR click)

Don’t get me wrong I love this movie. It was one of the first movies I bought on Blu-Ray and has a handful of moments that I find quite moving and awesome … but that’s not really what Seth and Zack want to talk about on this Futile Podcast.


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