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01PiLA . Game of Thrones season one recap

01PiLA. Game of Thrones recap (right click Or click)

In the first episode of this adjunct series to the Futile Podcast, aptly titled Postponed in Los Angeles (PiLA).

Erik, and Ian discuss season 1 of Game of Thrones in preparation for the premiere of season 2. Erik has read the book series so he talks briefly about the TV adaption, and possible directions season 2, and future season could take. Mild spoilers beyond season 1, obvious spoilers for season 1. That’s why Joshua had to leave.



300b. Cowboy Bebop

300b. Cowboy Bebop (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian talk about what is wrong with the best show ever made. Of course there is much more to say.

300a. Heat

300a. Heat (right click OR click)

I know it’s chicken shit dividing up the final podcast so it all can be 300 but I don’t care. Part a.  is Ian (that’s been me this whole time) and Mark talking about the seminal cops and robbers movie Heat. Like the movie, it’s a long one so it’ll be good for holiday drive time.

287. The Prestige

287. The Prestige (right click OR click)

This is a good movie and a pretty solid podcast from Joshua and Ian (me).  I have to admit that I enjoyed this film much more on a second viewing when it was further removed from dashed expectations.

"Thank you, there are only 13 shows left."

283. Apocalypse Now

283. Apocalypse Now (right click OR click)

Ian talks with Malcolm and Mychal about Coppola’s little excursion into South East Asia.

That shit ain't CG!