Mar 112017

383. Bill Paxton (right click OR click)

Oliver and Ian discuss the performances of Bill Paxton.

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Nov 142011

300b. Cowboy Bebop (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian talk about what is wrong with the best show ever made. Of course there is much more to say.

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Oct 222011

299. Quick and Dead Hot Tub Time (right click OR click)

Ian and Mark talk about two vastly different movies and discuss some of the past Futile moments.

"We'll partner, nothing lasts forever."

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Jun 012011

268. Justified Season 2 (right click or click)

Zack and Ian talk about how things are down in the holler. Seth joins in and we talk a little about Mattlock. It’s Good times as we get toward the end.


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Dec 042010

246. JFK (right click OR click)

Mark is back again and this time he talks with Ian all about Ollie Stone’s controversial film.

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Next week: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Video Podcast w/ poor audio.

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Aug 282010

232. Justified (right click or click)

Zack, Seth, and Ian talk about the first season of this pretty darn good somewhat different TV show on FX. It’s got the guy from Live Free or Die Trying’… or whatever.  Ian also makes a startling claim about The Wire.  It’s Year 4 of the Futile Podcast all bets are off.  Join us if you can.



Tsuneo Imahori – The Lowdown

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