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300a. Heat

300a. Heat (right click OR click)

I know it’s chicken shit dividing up the final podcast so it all can be 300 but I don’t care. Part a.  is Ian (that’s been me this whole time) and Mark talking about the seminal cops and robbers movie Heat. Like the movie, it’s a long one so it’ll be good for holiday drive time.

2 thoughts

  1. Ian, thanks for reminding how good HEAT was. I recenlty overheard a twenty-something refer to The Town as the best cops vs. robbers movie he’d seen and I had to interject that he needed to forget about those Boston scrubs and see the LA robbers in Heat (or Point Break). Mann’s Imagery leaves some great questions without having to say a word and reminds me of JJ Abrams’ TEDTalk about his grandfather’s mystery box. Heat’s tale is a great example of what Paul Chapman @ GME would probably call, a “show, don’t tell” movie.

    A couple takeaways:
    •LOVE your character analogy of comparing Hanna to Mr.Wolf from Pulp Fiction. Very apt comparison
    •Suprised you guys didn’t mention Buffalo Bill as being on Hanna’s team…
    •Also, I recall DeNiro’s character definitely driving a BMW 8 series at one point in the but was easy to miss. Think it was a dump car… but was definitley a non-General Motors vehicle.

    Great podcast! I’m now gonna go watch Manhunter one more time.

    “I had to get it on, man. HAD to get it on!”


  2. Ha, yeah this is a damn solid movie. I’m glad you enjoyed the podcast Jeff. As with most good movies it’s all about showing, and Mann is excellent at making environments cinematic while also making you feel like you are there.

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