242. NBA Preseasonish

242. NBA Preseason (right click OR click)

In keeping with the Futile Podcast mandate to expand out we demonstrate the turgid tendril of sports as Seth and Zack talk about the B Ball.

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238. Speedracer

238. Speedracer (right click OR click)

Don’t get me wrong I love this movie. It was one of the first movies I bought on Blu-Ray and has a handful of moments that I find quite moving and awesome … but that’s not really what Seth and Zack want to talk about on this Futile Podcast.

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236. Wall Street

236. Wall Street (right click or click)

Mark and Ian and Seth talk about the original just in time for the sequel.

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Tears For Fears – The Working Hour

234. Road to Perdition

234. Road to Perdition (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian discuss Hank’s as a bad guy in this adaptation of a graphic novel.

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Dean Elliot Big Band – The Long Road

231. Crank 2 redux

231. Crank 2 (right click OR click)

Not to confuse this isn’t a new version of this fantastic film it’s yet another podcast about it from us.  Why? Because it’s Crank 2 any further justification would embarrass the both of us.

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Fat Boy Slim – Love Island

230. The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim

230. Expendable Pilgrim (right click OR click)

Zack, Seth, and Ian go for both.  It’s a great chat about 80’s action movies and the pathology of modern subculture. 

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Iwasaki Tarou – Omaera Zenin Moete Shimaetsu

224. The Hunter

224. The Hunter (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian talk about Steve McQueen’s final film.  He plays a bounty hunter which sounds cool.  In the end the movie is sort of a mess of comedy, action, and drama based on the life of a real bounty hunter. 


Jon Anderson – Loved by the Sun

217. Fargo

217. Fargo (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian, with a little help from Seth, talk about this slightly odd but not really that odd movie.  It was a big deal like 13 years ago or something.

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music:  NO MUSIC THIS WEEK (think of snow and cold but not Verspertine cold I don’t know maybe … like something Danny Elfmanesque)

211. Sword of the Stranger

211. Sword of the Stranger (right click OR click)

A good anime … a good anime movie … a recently produced good anime movie?  Yes.

Blood stings, you don't want to get it in your eyes.

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Force of Nature – Nightshift

“If it were Clive Owen I’d have a boner.”

Crank:  High Voltage review (right click OR click)

This one is crazy.  Ian also talks about C. Kaufman’s Synecdoche NY.   You can read the written review of these films here:    http://theforgottenreviews.wordpress.com/


subsribe:  Futile Podcast

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Bjork – Play Dead.

XPloding Plastix – Relieved Beyond Repair


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