Oct 222011

299. Quick and Dead Hot Tub Time (right click OR click)

Ian and Mark talk about two vastly different movies and discuss some of the past Futile moments.

"We'll partner, nothing lasts forever."

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Oct 142011

297. Tree of Life (right click OR click)

Recorded during the festivities of our Year 4 anniversary party the Tree of Life podcast includes Malcolm, Ben, Joshua, Seth, and Ian. As we shift around in this immortal net it is nice to know that there are others out there who could take up the Futile Mantle, should that be required.

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Aug 242011

287. The Prestige (right click OR click)

This is a good movie and a pretty solid podcast from Joshua and Ian (me).  I have to admit that I enjoyed this film much more on a second viewing when it was further removed from dashed expectations.

"Thank you, there are only 13 shows left."

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Apr 232011

264. Who Framaed Roger Rabbit (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian talk about this odd little Disneyesque adult neo-noir. And I suppose how impressively strange it is that this movie was ever made.

email: Futilepodcast@gmail.com

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Apr 112011

WonderCon (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian give their takes on the 2011 WonderCon. They got to see some cartoons (Green Lantern Emerald Knights, Wolverine Anime clip), some movie panels (Hana and her Cowboys and Aliens)  and listen to some writers and creators like Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Stan Berkowitz, and Bruce Timm, Pendelton Ward.  It was fun on the Bun!

email:  Futilepodcast@gmail.com

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