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Deconstructing 80's & 90's action movies. Relating them to comics, TV, and cartoons from then and now.

281. Sucker Punch and TV Set

281. Sucker Punch and TV Set (right click or click)

Ian and Zack sit down with these 2 art pieces about the nature of cinema and what it can do.

“She was too fat to be ironic.”

Worse than Blart (right click OR click)

We try to name movies more deserving of a zero … we fail. 

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Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams

Thompson Twins – King for a Day


runtime:  0:21:24:03

We now know what Knowing is about, so you don’t have to.

Knowing review (right click OR click)

The movie I refer to in this review is called: Last Night





Beach Boys – God Only Knows

runtime: 0:31:30:03