Jan 212011

253. From Paris With Love (right click OR click)

Sounds like Ian missed out on this one as Zack talks about how crazy good this movie was. Ian talks about Fringe or something.

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music: Siouxsie & The Banshees – Cities in Dust

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Nov 082010

243. Trigun (right click OR click)

Ian brings in Mychal and Malcolm to talk some anime. Specifically on this one we talk about the  26 episode 1998 Sci-Fi Western Trigun

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music:  Yasuhiro Nightow – Never Could Have Been Worse

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Sep 142010

234. Road to Perdition (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian discuss Hank’s as a bad guy in this adaptation of a graphic novel.

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Dean Elliot Big Band – The Long Road

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Aug 212010

231. Crank 2 (right click OR click)

Not to confuse this isn’t a new version of this fantastic film it’s yet another podcast about it from us.  Why? Because it’s Crank 2 any further justification would embarrass the both of us.

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Fat Boy Slim – Love Island

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