May 302009

Drag Me to Hell review (right click OR click)

Sam Rami returns to his special off-beat horredy styling and this time, following Hitchcock’s lead, he’s got a knock out platinum blonde.There is absolutely nothing wrong with this addition. 

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Massive Attack – What Your Soul Sings

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Apr 232009

Steven King interlude (right click OR click)

Because URAudience demands it I give (him/her (hopefully a her and a hot one at that?)) more Seth and Mark.  This is a compendium piece to a podcast I about CopLand that I will post on Saturday.


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Radiohead – Pyramid Song

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Oct 292008

Lost Boys review (right click OR click)

Happy Halloween!  In this extra scary edition of the Futile Podcast we review The Lost Boys discuss Edward Herman Munsters.  The greatness of Monster Squad We also talk about Monster in the Closet  which also came out in 1987.  We struggle to remember the place were Pinocchio and all his chums were turned into Democrats.  Turns out Mark was right it is called Pleasure Island.   Please leave a comment and help us name the pumpkin.

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Gerard McMann – Cry Little Sister

Tim Cappello – I Still Believe


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