206. Unforgiven revisited

206. Unforgiven revisited (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian return to Clint’s masterpiece, this time on Blu-Ray.  You can see the original Unforgiven podcast that Ian and Zack did here:  Podcast 08b Unforgiven.



Blood and Thunder – Trigun Soundtrack

“Too much grease is a bad thing.”

Tom Horn review (right click OR click)

This Steve McQueen Western sparks discussion about the outlaw hero and anti-hero.  That discussion can be found here in this bonus session:

Outlaw Hero rant (right click OR click)

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U2 – Bad (live)

runtime: 0:32:48:18

“That Leathery skeleton of a man kind of looks like Lance Hendricksen”

Appaloosa review (right click OR click)

Another short review for yah.  Have a good one and try to vote one last time before it’s too late  Futile Podcast General Category http://podcastawards.com/


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