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Feb 172010

206. Unforgiven revisited (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian return to Clint’s masterpiece, this time on Blu-Ray.  You can see the original Unforgiven podcast that Ian and Zack did here:  Podcast 08b Unforgiven.


Blood and Thunder – Trigun Soundtrack

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Sep 212007

podcast 8b

Blue Velvet inspires a Dean Stockwell v. Dan Hedeya (OR Al v. Carla’s ex-husband) aside; then
we discuss the seminal revisionist Western Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. I talk about my first impressions of the film and what I think about the political subtext and the nature of small now fascism v. sociopath reformed killer of men. My Dialectic process of starting with one opinion and then “caving” into another is tested as I try my best to defend Gene Hackman’s character. Hell I’m a bit of a”contrarian” and playing Devil Advocate is why I’m in this podcast game . . . even though I hate pinball (Oh, will the contradictions never cease).

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