The Futile Podcast

Deconstructing 80's & 90's action movies. Relating them to comics, TV, and cartoons from then and now.


WonderCon (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian give their takes on the 2011 WonderCon. They got to see some cartoons (Green Lantern Emerald Knights, Wolverine Anime clip), some movie panels (Hana and her Cowboys and Aliens)  and listen to some writers and creators like Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Stan Berkowitz, and Bruce Timm, Pendelton Ward.  It was fun on the Bun!


252. The Walking Dead ep.1

252. The Walking Dead ep. 1 (right click OR click)

Ian, Matt, Joshua, and Brian talk about the first episode of the zombie TV show everybody already talked about. But we also include a rousing debate Shotgun v. sniper riffle.


music:  Filter – Consider This

247. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

247. Ninja Turtles Video podcast!

We recorded this one after watching the movie on Blu-Ray at Matt’s place. We used the Canon T2i to do this so the audio is not so great but the image is spectacular.

234. Road to Perdition

234. Road to Perdition (right click OR click)

Mark and Ian discuss Hank’s as a bad guy in this adaptation of a graphic novel.



Dean Elliot Big Band – The Long Road

230. The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim

230. Expendable Pilgrim (right click OR click)

Zack, Seth, and Ian go for both.  It’s a great chat about 80’s action movies and the pathology of modern subculture. 



Iwasaki Tarou – Omaera Zenin Moete Shimaetsu

Futile Con Year 0003

Futile Con report 0003 (right click OR click)

We reminisce about the first podcast those many years ago, talk about what new plans we have in the future for Year 4, Ryan and Blaine give their report on SDCC and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and Zack talks about The Other Guys


219. Iron Man 2

219. Iron Man 2 (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian discuss this next in the series of intertwined Marvel comic movies.  We also talk about what makes for good comics/movies.



The Pixies – Wave of Mutilation