The Futile Podcast

Deconstructing 80's & 90's action movies. Relating them to comics, TV, and cartoons from then and now.

284. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker

284. Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (right click or click)

Joshua and Ian talk about how one distinguishes Batman from Batman Beyond. I dare say that all this crap about multiple Batman’s or Batman as an idea, etc. No Batman is a man Batman is Bruce Wayne. This kid does pretty good though against old Jack.

281. Sucker Punch and TV Set

281. Sucker Punch and TV Set (right click or click)

Ian and Zack sit down with these 2 art pieces about the nature of cinema and what it can do.

264. Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

264. Who Framaed Roger Rabbit (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian talk about this odd little Disneyesque adult neo-noir. And I suppose how impressively strange it is that this movie was ever made.


263. Last Exile

263. Last Exile (right click OR click)

Ian talks with Malcolm, and Mychal about the  steampunk anime series “Last Exile”. It is really too bad that more straight-up adventure stories of this genre aren’t out there in animated or live action form but this one is definitely a winner.



WonderCon (right click OR click)

Zack and Ian give their takes on the 2011 WonderCon. They got to see some cartoons (Green Lantern Emerald Knights, Wolverine Anime clip), some movie panels (Hana and her Cowboys and Aliens)  and listen to some writers and creators like Paul Dini, Alan Burnett, Stan Berkowitz, and Bruce Timm, Pendelton Ward.  It was fun on the Bun!


245. Tron

245. Tron (right click OR click)

We’ve got the Dude and the Scarecrow bustin’ heads and lettin’ the chin music ring out inside the metal box of a computer.

 They fight Moses from Southpark for control over all the world’s knowlege way before Sky Net. 

 They have mouths and occasionally they scream.

We’ll see how the repercussions of this film will be resolved in the upcoming sequel Tron Legacy

Also, Mark makes his dramatic return to network television on this one.

music: Boards of Canada – I Saw Drones

243. Trigun

243. Trigun (right click OR click)

Ian brings in Mychal and Malcolm to talk some anime. Specifically on this one we talk about the  26 episode 1998 Sci-Fi Western Trigun


music:  Yasuhiro Nightow – Never Could Have Been Worse