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#199: Crap


I ramble about what makes something “good” and what makes it crap.  AND what makes some crap good.  It’s yet another meandering poderance that serves to set the stage for future discussion hopefully.

Reminds me U2 is mostly crappy music but I don't really hate it.


Astrobotnia – Lightworks

5 thoughts

  1. This was my first experience with your podcast and overall I enjoyed it. A few things stood out to me:

    1. I think you’re misusing the word objectively. You might mean to say subjectively.
    2. I think the Dark Knight was far from pure spectacle. I would like to say more but it’s a full discussion topic.
    3. I’m confused about whether you consider yourself to be from the Daily Show generation or the Nostalgia generation. You mentioned both. Are they compatible?

    Also, since you’ve most likely now seen Avatar I would hope that it passed your “character conviction” test for high budget “spectacle” films. It certainly seemed that way to me.

    Another aside, near the end when you were “speaking to the ether” and not mentioning your name I got a distinct flashback to a Christian Slater film “Pump Up the Volume.” I hope you’ve seen it. There’s no CGI in it.

    So, thanks. I enjoyed the podcast. Looking forward to the next, and I might delve into your archives if I find the time.

  2. thanks Ben. I have not seen Avatar but from what I’ve heard it sounds like it’s pretty mediocre storytelling in terms of the bad guys vs. good guys.

    It’s possible I said objective when I mean’t subjective though I know the difference and to be honest I’m not sure which generation I belong to I think I was more interested in talking about them as ideas for describing demographics. I wonder which generation would like Avatar? Probably the nostalgia generation but not the Daily Show generation. The Onion A/V Club gave it a C so that probably says something. All that said I’ll get around to seeing it some day I’m sure when the hype/hate has died down and I can be more objective (or unbaised) in my subjective take.

    FX2 is a personal favorite in the archives.

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