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Deconstructing 80's & 90's action movies. Relating them to comics, TV, and cartoons from then and now.

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  1. At least all you had was a guy texting. I had to put up with a bunch of chavs (which I guess are our equivalent of “wiggers”?) making hilarious quips everytime something funky happened with the camera, such as “Huhuhuh the battery ran out! Huhuh.” I seriously wanted to tear a chair out and start beating them with it.

  2. According to the all-knowing Wikipedia:

    The accepted etymology for “chav” is that it derives from the Romani word “chavi”, meaning a child. Related words derived from the same source include “charva” meaning prostitute (used in north-east England in a similar sense). In modern Spanish “chaval” or “chavo” means “lad” (eg: El Chavo, a Mexican television comedy whose principal character is a street orphan).

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