I run the show most often. I enjoy detective stories, and action adventure stories. I have a degree in biology though I've spent the last few years making short movies and doing grip work. I also write stories to entertain myself, for now.

Jan 022017

Classic Combo NYD Edition (right click OR click)

The Futile Podcast started in 2007. So, this will be Year 10. As part of the celebration I’ll be posting what I’m calling: “Classic Combos ” and other little bonus content type things. This one is based around some movies I watched this New Year’s Day evening.  The three podcasts that make up this combo were done with my good friend Mark, who has since passed, yeah I know 2016, right? Anyway, life goes on, and we will have more new shows up soon.  I hope you enjoy revisiting some of these classics as much as I do.

Please send us an email: Futilepodcast@gmail.com

AND you can follow me on Twitter: @ian.strope where you can do the #FPX all year round. Cause that’s fun, right?


Thank you for listening.




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