a big step … maybe

This is my HSU Student film:  I posted it on the podcast site awhile ago but I should have posted it here.  I’ve since learned quite a bit about making movies but this is still kind of fun for being a “weird student film” and for me the real learning experience was doing the editing and sound design:


I have the cash I’m actually considering purchase of a Red one camera.  I’m not sure because I don’t know the tech super well and I don’t really have a good story that could be marketable as a feature and shot on a super indie budget at this point.  I will endeavour to continue networking with other indie movie types with similar sensibilities and see if this is a smart investment.

Though I might just go with the Letus Extreme for now since it will work with my co-worker Matt’s Panasonic HVX 200.

granate Seed is bourn

This is the first posting to the weblog where all official information/happenings for the Northern California production company granate Seed will be posted. As the founder of the company it is my sincere intentions to bring together a group of interested people from the worlds of graphic design, computer animation, film, and other media formats to produce some “stuff” that will be fun to make and watch.

for what it’s worth,

Ian Strope, Founder granate Seed